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Welcome To PetsRus

Hi, my name is Callie McKenzie. I am the artist behind-the-scenes of PetsRus. I am the one who kept the website running. I draw and colour the pets for the website and never got any credit. Jenny was going to close us down until I offered to take over. If anyone visits, I am in desperate need of artists so PM me.


                                                                                        Hey! I'm Shadow! Jenny adopted me from 'Adopt Some Creativity'. You might notice me around the site alot. Just helping my mistress.  


April 2nd 2010- New dogs made. Putting them up on the site now! And of course, I've changed the design for the pages!



Hiya! I'm Halleigh! I'm Jenny's new pet character!! Unluckily, I'm not an adoptable so you cant have me on your site. But there are loads of other pets one the site for you to adopt!